Athereum is a spoon (a friendly fork) of the Ethereum mainnet on the Avalanche. All of Ethereum, as is, powered by the Avalanche engine. Metamask, MEW, Remix? Ready to work out of the box.

A scalable, fast, and highly secure Ethereum.
Available today.


Sub second block finality


Thousands to millions of validators


All your ETH is readily available in ATH


Throughput as high as EVM allows


Metamask, Remix, MEW, and all your favorite tools work out of the box

What's Athereum?

Athereum is 100% Ethereum, running on Avalanche technology. It's the same Ethereum you fell in love with. Same keys. Same EVM. Same tooling.

The only new thing is the backend consensus engine. Instead of longest chain proof-of-work, Athereum uses a staking-based linear chain version of the Avalanche consensus protocol.

Give it a try

While temporarily in test mode, we have deployed a 25-node version of AthereumLite, a byte-by-byte compatible version of Ethereum that starts with an empty state, rather than the latest state of Ethereum.

Let's get funky
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What else?

Athereum is a friendly experiment.

We are passionate supporters of the Ethereum ecosystem. While we are also developing our own bold new vision of blockchain networks, we want to help the Ethereum community in whatever way we can.

Athereum is our nod to the community to allow Ethereum to scale today.

Users of Athereum will see the benefits immediately.

First, Athereum is available today. Second, your transactions will enjoy near instant finality, so no more block confirmation times. Third, Athereum will go as fast as the EVM allows it to go, and will enjoy higher throughput as the EVM evolves. Finally, thanks to Avalanche, it scales unlike any other decentralized platform: thousands to millions of nodes.

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